2019 Recap

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I spent most of my time in 2019 at college, trying to finish all my university courses by the end of 7th semester so I can focus on Thesis / Final Project at the final semester (8th semester). Planning to graduate in 2020. So…not really much happened in this year, but I learned so much in terms of mobile application and web development. How to build an Android App and got my hands on React framework for the first-time in this year.

What I learned in 2019

  • Java and XML — How to build Native Android apps using Android Studio.
  • REST API — How to fetch data and display it with recycler view in Android app
  • PHP — how to program a website with PHP, MVC.
  • How to setup a website using database with PHP, laragon, and MySQL
  • CodeIgniter — how to use CodeIgniter to build website.
  • How to deploy PHP sites with its database to cPanel hosting.
  • How to setup arcanist in Linux Ubuntu.
  • How to use Git for managing personal and team projects.
  • TypeScript — how to use it, what is the importance of strong typing, and how to compile it into JS
  • React — how to build an app using React with CRA.
  • GraphQL — what is it and how is it used
  • Apollo — how to implement apollo as a client for GraphQL
  • GatsbyJS — how to build a site with Gatsby
  • Ionic — how to build hybrid apps and how does it different from native apps.
  • Angular2+ — forced to learn this framework because learning Ionic Angular and luckily I’ve learned TypeScript.
  • Zeit — found a Netlify alternative and how to deploy site with it.




Don’t have to know everything. Just the right thing.

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Agustinus Nathaniel

Agustinus Nathaniel

Don’t have to know everything. Just the right thing.

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