For You Who Are Still Wondering about College or Confused with Your Major Choice

I was a boy who always thought the “school education system” is just a bull$#i# created just to build uniformed people. It wasted 12 years…

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college is different (luckily it is). In my 12 years of school life, I was forced into learning almost 70% of something I hate, having so much tests for each subject, and the lists goes on. It’s like, after 12 years of eating those subjects, I already forget it all and my life still goes on. Applying for College at 12th Grade made me thought more about what I truly wanna achieve and what I truly wanna learn. It’s a really long process (I’m not kidding, this is the part where I quarrel with my parents again, but…that’s normal, right? I think some of you will pass this phase too). In short, I decided to take Informatics (Computer Science / Information Engineering / etc whatever it is). At first, I chose this major because I thought I’m quite familiar with computers and softwares since my toddler age and why not just deepen my bond with those stuffs. After graduated high school and start my college life about several months…

I Was Wrong

Everything I know is just 0.000001% of what I should known about software engineering. I thought I can run away so far from high-level mathematics, but I just make myself drown into it more. Coding, which is a “cool” stuffs for me when I was still a kid until high school, becomes a “nightmare” for me as an Informatics student. I’m not talking about what I face as an Informatics student, because I know some of you who read this will go to College for another majors. The point is, my expectations and my hopes are crumbled down.

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Turning Point

I was enjoying my summer holiday and suddenly I realize I’ve been through those two years with so many doubts and regrets, but I still survive while some of my friends change major or even drop-out. I decided to finish my journey by reducing my thoughts of regrets, then think and act differently in my studying process. I started to find some “fun” part in some of the subjects, curios to find out more by myself. Being a college student give so many eye-opener actually. You meet more diverse people than in high school and more activities provided to make sure you will be ready for the “real-world”.



Don’t have to know everything. Just the right thing.

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